Biography/Artist Statement

profilepic David Burney was born and raised in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. This sagatarian/capicorn cusp baby of 1979 was raised in the picturesque suburb of a large metropolitan city, Toronto. Growing dreams of becoming the second basemen for the Chicago Cubs, and or battling the bad guys with B.A. Baracus on the A-Team filled a younger David’s imagination. It was until David stumbled across Dead Man a film directed by Jim Jarmusch, which turned David’s mind deeper into the art world. Even though having a steady small diet of art from his mother, it was with Dead Man that he grew to seek out new independent non-mainstream and European films. The films began showing David other art forms, music, painting, and sculpting. Which lead him to Confederation College’s Film Production Program in Thunder Bay, Ontario. While there, he was able to embrace his artistic spirits and release them. In addition, he met fellow filmmaker, Luke King and the two of them bonded together to form For Eternity Pictures. Now David has embraced many different ways to express emotions, whether it is painting, poetry, filmmaking, soundscape creations, or sculpting an idea in the shop. David lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and enjoys working everyday. pentictonartgallery I enjoy creating because it is a lot of fun in the process of creating something. I feel like a 5 year old again when I am creating, there are no boundaries, no explanations, just emotions, just complete enjoyment. Because if you aren’t enjoying it, then why are you doing it? I aspire to take my art out into the world. My work is at home in Vancouver, but as anything in the world, art and people like to explore new worlds beyond which ones they are from. I would love that as my art goes traveling I can tag a ride and get to see some of these new worlds too. When I am focused on a piece, my mind is always open and active to new things. However, these ideas have to go along with the piece, and have to really light me up inside. The materials in my work are part of the whole visualization of the work. Dr.’s Table & Celluloid Pregnancy needs pencils stuck right there, if it didn’t marry to the original idea it wouldn’t work. Or a dirty green colour needs to be applied to the wall in Trapped Loneliness to add the necessary aging and feel. Having a blue filter on the 35mm film camera gives some emotion and connection needed for the blue photograph project. Every material used has to marry to the original idea and intent. Right now I am heavily focused on the theme of light and dark. I do hope that viewers will see dark in pieces, but there always is a little bit of lightness breaking through. There is a lot of darkness out there, but with a sliver of light, there is hope that the light will over power the dark. I am using some old tricks, but as well looking to explore with some new materials, and dimensions. I am enjoying making things come out of the canvas. I take pleasure in working with and applying electricity to my works. I cannot explain the communication in art, what some like, others detest. All I can say is that I enjoying doing it, and I believe my art will speak to some, not all, but some will see the light. I’ll leave you now with a quote from William Blake that puts me in the shape I am.

“I must create my own system or be enslav’d by another man’s.” -William Blake

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